Episode 22: Magic and Moonlight

Are you a MOON WITCH? Join Cordelia as you explore the phases and names of the moons! Why is the March Moon called the Worm Moon? Is there really a WOLF MOON? Let’s make magic with moonlight!

Episode 21: Celebrating Ostara

Witches and Humans – We’re more alike than we are different! You say Easter, we say Ostara. You paint eggshells, we turn them into toads! Join Cordelia as we prepare for the Spring Equinox… The Witch’s Way! 

Episode 20: The Witch’s Garden

Nightshade, Belladonna… BRAIN CACTUS? Welcome to the Witch’s Garden! Join Cordelia as she teaches you to plant flowers and herbs of your own. You’ll learn magical facts about sneezewort, humungous fungus, and hemlock, too! 

Episode 19: Black Cats and Cauldrons

Are YOU ready to be a WITCH? Explore witchcraft with Cordelia! You’ll learn spells, pick your familiar, and hear the history of witches. Do witches have WARTS? Who EATS CHILDREN? 

Episode 18: Ahoy, Pirates!

Cordelia has stowed away on a PIRATE SHIP! Meet Blackbeard and Captain Flint while you learn kooky pirate customs. Did pirates have BEDTIMES? Would pirates make you WALK THE PLANK? Stay tuned for Cordelia’s special reading of Treasure Island! 

Episode 17: Barnyard Buddies

Hey, who’s hogging this week’s show? Welcome back to Cordelia’s Farm! Are PIGS the cleanest animal in the world? Whose hooves are called FAIRY SLIPPERS? 

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