Episode 4: Gourds! Gourds! Gourds!

Join Cordelia as she explores her garden. You’ll learn about buffalo gourds, pickled gourds, gourds that turn into nose flutes… You’ll even meet a fox-trotting pumpkin! Did you know that melons are gourds!?

Episode 3: Spooky Superstitions

Cordelia’s very superstitious… And maybe you are, too! Learn about different superstitions from around the world while you create a few of your own

Episode 2: Day of the Dead

Join Cordelia as she prepares for Day of the Dead!

Episode 1: Happy Hauntings

Join Cordelia as she prepares for Halloween! You’ll hear spooky stories, meet Baba Yaga, and learn fantastically fun facts.

Cordelia’s Curiosities: The Trailer

Join Cordelia each week as she shares stories, riddles, facts, and folklore! Create new worlds while you learn about Halloween, superstitions, or Calaveritas.

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